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Register and install our app, so you can start broadcasting live any event or promotional activity you’re doing with your agency, or your TV show, your lecture on 18th century French literature, or even your company’s shareholders meeting.

In addition to broadcasting from your mobile, you can stream from your laptop’s webcam camera or use an RTMP server compatible with all applications for livestreaming, such as Wirecast or Livestream. You can broadcast in several languages and using several phones, or just install a system with as many cameras as your budget allows; our platform is scalable, regardless of the size of your project.

You don’t want to complicate your life, right? Well, besides the broadcast platform, we and our partners over Nivaray can also produce your event.

Endless possibilities

The possibilities offered by livestreaming and video on demand are endless, so don’t wait and let your competition get ahead. Please contact us now and a ‘guru’ from our team will provide you with the solution you are in need of.